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Jason Christopher Marsden was born the 3rd of January, 1975 in Providence, Rhode Island to Myles and Linda Marsden. He caught the acting bug quite young and by the age of eleven his family had moved to California and he was on our screens in commercials and guest spots on sitcoms. It wasn't long before he had a larger role, that of A.J Quartermaine Jr on America's longest running soap opera, General Hospital. He was the third kid to play that role, and he confesses that looking back he thinks he was more of an over-actor than an actor. Either way, he couldn't have been too bad because he proceeded to land large and interesting roles in a variety of programs. Around this time, he also started voice acting. He was Cavin in Disney's The Gummi Bears for two years, Peter Pan in Fox's cartoon production of Peter Pan, and did many additional voices on cartoons as well. Throughout his young acting years he was nominated for several Young Star awards.

Jason's most significant role was probably as Shay Jennings in Ridley Scott's White Squall. He was very convincing as the fifteen year old First Mate, even if he was really 20 at the time. His youthful looks are Jason's biggest asset. Pictures of him virtually scream "Teen Idol", even though he's currently 29. You'll find that a lot of Jason's fans are young teenage girls. Not that that is a bad thing. He also has a bevvy of older male and female fans who like him for his talent even more than his looks ;). Jason's height has played a major factor in his career as he is 5'3"- 5'4" (depending on his mood). Whilst in some cases, being on the short side would hinder your success, it has done everything but hinder Jason's career.

Another important asset Jason has is his voice. He is brilliant at changing it to his will, as many of his cartoon loving fans will testify. It is hard to imagine that only one person does the voice of Kovu in Simba's Pride, Tino in The Weekenders, Schnookums in Schnookums and Meatand Richie Foley in Static Shock. Jason's deep and slightly husky tones were one of the reasons Dash X stood out and have created increasing work for the talented actor.

Jason enjoys acting however he would also like to be a Director. He longs to wield the power to capture an audience and send their emotions skyrocketing. He wants to control environments, performances and millions of strangers worldwide. He has Directed an episode of The Journey of Allen Strange and countless independant films but little else. It appears it is just as hard to get a gig as a Director in Hollywood as it is to get one as an Actor.

He provided the voice of Haku for the English dub of Hayao Mizayaki's Spirited Away, Japan's biggest selling Box Office hit. He's also starred as a young Burt Ward in a telemovie that looks back on the old days of Batman with Adam West and Burt Ward.

On overview, he enjoys going to the cinema, listening to music, sculpting and sketching and rollerblading. He dislikes ten pin bowling and mobile phones in the cinema. His favourite film alternates between Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc to Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. His favourite animated film is Aladdin. He likes a wide variety of music, film and television. Jason particularly likes listening to Movie Scores. He loves Batman and has quite an extensive figurine collection. Jason is also a bit of a Disneyfreak. If he could live anywhere in the world, it would be Disneyworld and he spends countless dollars a year at its companion Disneyland. His favourite roles are as Burt Ward in Return to the Batcave and Dash X in Eerie, Indiana, his favourite voice acting role as Tino Tonitini in Disney's The Weekenders. He has two tattoos and a pierced ear.

He used to be single, and we were happy, but now he's happy (and we're still single), with his fiancée Christy.

Jason is an international star, and whilst he's not necessarily a household name, you are likely to have seen or heard him in something. Chances are, you would have thought he was a very good actor/voice actor. He is.