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Welcome to Loving Jason

Thankyou for visiting this site. If you were looking for a fan website dedicated to actor/voice actor Jason Marsden, you've come to the right place. If not... well why not have a look around anyway?

Some actors just leap out at you... some have been kicking around for years but you've never really noticed them. Jason Marsden is both of these actors. You notice him in a particular role and you think he's amazing so you go online to find out more about him, and discover you've been listening to him on your favourite cartoon, or watched him on sitcoms most of your life. Don't forget to come chat at the Jason Marsden Appreciation Society

The tag-board got deleted because of visitor abuse (you know who you are... and so do I). If you're a Jason fan who'd like to chat I reiterate my recommendation of JMAS (Jason Marsden Appreciation Society), we have photos, files, member cards, wallpaper and some very knowledgable JM fans who can probably answer most of your JM questions ;).

All Images and Sound/Video files except Snapper.mp3 free for use. All written work © Lozenger8.