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About The Webmaster

I'm known by a couple of aliases, Lozenger8 and Jalilani. Most people call me Loz. I was born in England but moved to Australia at the age of 10. I like watching tv, going to the cinema, singing, listening to music, cycling. All the usual stuff. I also love making websites. My favourite style of music is probably soft rock, but I like so many different types of music, it's hard to say. Music plays a giant part in my life. I would even go as far as to say it can dictate my feelings. Television and film are also major factors in my life. I love romantic comedies (the good ones, like Bridget Jones's Diary or Two Weeks Notice, not Someone Like You or Kate & Leopold). I also enjoy sci-fi... I have to admit I'm a bit of a Trekker, although I'm not that obsessive. I don't speak Klingon ;) I have my own website with a weblog if you'd like to know more about me. Also - feel free to ask me any questions or just chat via email at I've been a fan of Jason's for 5-6 years now. It all started with "Eerie, Indiana" and just kind of escalated from there.

It is no secret that I actually had two websites on Jason before this one. I've linked to this website from both of them, lol. I had made the first one ( when I first became hooked to the net. When I learnt how to make frames, I made the second one ( and uploaded it to the space my ISP had reserved for me to have a homepage. Jason had it linked on his official website *big grin* (I told him about it, but ech, still cool)! I had originally intended for the arcomnet one to replace the geocities one but then I realised the geocities one was gaining a lot of traffic and was listed in Search Engines like Google and Alta Vista. Needless to say, it stayed up and I linked from one to the other as a joke. Most people who knew me knew this was the case and it was funny anyway, because neither website had any more information than the other.

I also have a poll on Jason Here which has a little story behind it. I made this poll for linking to the geocities website. Jason had it linked on his website saying something to the effect of "sorry kids, nothing below the waist". So, being the mischievous person I am I added a new polling item --"Anything Below The Waist". For a while there it was number 1, but for some reason people seem to prefer his voice ;)

I'm keeping both the old websites up for posterity's sake. Who knows, someone years from now may look up Jason Marsden sites and wallow in the craziness that was 1999-2003. That person may even be me...